Dj dianne slade

The Capitol Singles Dance started in 1985 with Bob & Lorilee Mckintre as the DJ's. Just after that Don Otter was the DJ for a while. Then in 1987 Dianne Slade started as the DJ at the Capitol and remained as the DJ up until early 2018. Around 1972 Jamie had the great opportunity to meet Dianne. This was the first time he ever saw a woman DJ and to boot she was dressed in a tuxedo. Dianne also played at other halls and different functions as well as the Capitol. And might I add did a great job. But the Capitol was her home above all else.

Dressing sharp at every dance, decorating her table and attending to requests as best as possible. Dianne was a true professional. Dianne had a huge heart and wore it on her sleeve for all who attended the dances at the Capitol. Everyone that attended the dances at the Capitol as well as all of the staff were part of Dianne's family.

Dianne lived for the Friday night dances at the Capitol. Dianne was certainly the ultimate Queen of DJ's.

DJ Dianne we know you are up there watching us. Thank you for giving us almost 30 years of great fun and good times. When you played the song Fireball we were all on fire dancing to the song. When you played the song That's what friends are for we were all your friend as you were ours. Thank you. We know you are up there playing up there and everyone is having a great tine dancing to your music.

So cheers to you - we all love and miss you!